Photo of a custom jewelry shop

Here at Custom Jewelry NYC we care about providing our customers with the quality you expect and deserve. We provide the customer with a rich and rewarding experience in which you find at the finest jewelry boutique in NYC. The customer taking advantage of designing his or her own special piece of jewelry embarks on a journey where he or she creates a special piece of art that becomes part of his or her unique legacy. Check out our blog if you want to learn more about precious metals and gems.

Custom Jewelry NYC provides:

Attention to Detail: Our skilled craftsmen are uniquely qualified to provide our special customer-base with the highest in design standards and materials. The jewelers at our New York location provide each of our special customers with a piece of jewelry that precisely tells the story of that customer. Some customers come from very colorful cultures and have magnetic personalities. The jeweler provides a unique design set to that persons personal requests and demands. Other customers require a more streamlined piece of jewelry and wish to employ understated elegance to their jewelry design. Our skilled craftsmen and women make it a point to design a highly elegant understated piece of art that our customers leave 100% satisfied with.

The process of custom jewelry design is quite convenient nowadays. The process between our client and company can be carried out by way of emails and phone calls. The customer does not need to travel to our New York location if he or she wishes. The best way for the customer to approach the process is to provide a drawing or sketch of what he or she is envisioning. If he or she does not possess the talent in way of sketching out what is required, he or she can write out a set of notes, or even supply pictorials from magazines, with regard to various pieces of jewelry. If an inscription is necessary that detail is required too.

Individual Style: Some customers know that they wish to tell a story, however sometimes are not sure where to begin as far as creating the jewelry. Our skilled artists are well-gifted in attaining all of the details about the story, incorporating the individual’s personality and heart into the final product. In other words, we make it a point to provide the individual with what it is he or she requires in materials, type of jewelry, and iconic representation as  the story that the customer wishes to display in the creation of the jewelry. Still, some people  are not looking to tell a story per se, but wish to have a unique jewelry item owned by no other individual anywhere in the world.

Professional Advice: Regardless of the situation, our skilled staff of trained professional jewelers are more than pleased to offer the client with the best in advice–as to the individual’s work of art.

Competitive Pricing: People come to our company from all walks of life and various situations. Our pricing within the custom jewelry industry is favorably competitive. We work with the customer in assuring he or she is provided with a unique jewelry offering and within a price range that is realistic and fair, or within the allocated budget of the consumer with a price warning beforehand. All of this makes for a most rewarding experience and investment for the customer.

Care and Cleaning: After the sale, our company provides the customer with instructions, relative to the proper care and cleaning of the jewelry, he or she has acquired. By doing so: the individual is able to enjoy his or her incredible work of art for years to come, and to pass it on to future generations.

Adjustments: Our company is committed in providing the customer with a perfect fit as to the size of the customized piece of jewelry. By doing so, this makes the jewelry even more individualized. If the jewelry does not fit perfectly the proper alteration is performed.

One of a Kind Custom Design: Our skilled artisans are skilled in every detail. From the process of the design, all the way to inlaying the last stone. Nothing is quite as rewarding as having an exceptional jewelry piece which no one in the world is wearing.