Jewelry Boutique NYC

seeking jewelry designers and boutiques in NYC.

Custom Jewelry NYC is currently looking to set up a jewelry boutique in NYC. We want to bring the best high quality jewelry available in the big apple to everyone who is looking to find the perfect piece. We work with jewelers who have the option to offer custom jewelry but we are not only limited to that option. We are open to designers and costume jewelry as well. We are also open to partnering with other Jewelry stores in NYC, and if your boutique is looking for a partner in the city that never sleeps please reach out on our contact page and a representative will respond accordingly.

We partner with the finest diamond miners and distributers to bring you high quality diamonds that you expect and deserve. We work with welders and metal-smithers who exert safe practices while simultaneously producing high quality metals that will last generations. We work with gems of all shapes and sizes that will bring dazzle and meaning to your lives. When you come into our store and look to make that custom piece you have always desired we aim to exceed all expectations. If you end up looking for specific gems or materials that we do not have on stock the moment you arrive we will do everything in our power to acquire whatever gem or material you need.

NYC is the fashion capital of not just the United States, but also of the world. Billions of people look to this amazing city to lead the way from everything like classics to current and new trends. Custom Jewelry NYC will bring the best customized pieces you have ever seen and will ever hope to create. Come on down to our jewelry shop when it is up and running and we will accommodate your every wish!