The Top 10 Gems That Should Be On Your Radar

Gemstones represent a lot of things, signs, meanings and figures in human’s existence. Apart from the unique colors that gemstones display, they can as well be combined with several other items. In this article, you will discover some gemstones and how they interact with the environment, culture and human race.


A diamond remains one of the most sought-after and popular gemstones in the world. Diamonds are good for the insane and sleepwalkers. It is used for enchantments, avoiding pestilences and panics. If you carry a diamond on the left arm, ancient people believe that it can give victories. Diamonds will prevent magnets and lodestones of the ability to attract iron. Smearing a diamond with fresh goat’s blood will help to disintegrate its hardiness. Diamonds symbolizes prosperity and love. Sometimes, a diamond can symbolize perseverance or endurance because of it is the hardest substance available.

The rarity of a diamond makes it difficult to acquire and expensive. This also adds to the symbolic and mystique meaning of diamonds. Yellow diamonds simply mean humility and signify desirelessness and renunciation. Yellow is as well the color of rootedness and earth. Green diamonds are the rarest of rare. A green diamond signifies youthful activity and vigor. It is the color of prosperity, abundance and nature. Pink and red diamonds are highly expensive and remain the rarest of rare in the group. A red diamond signifies passion, deeds, and powerful rituals. Pink Golconda diamonds can be found in India and Brazil. A black diamond is always dark in nature, but should not be considered for coal. Remember that black remains the color of mourning, anger and hate. A white diamond symbolizes cleanliness, holiness and the emancipation from bondage. A brown diamond is 2nd in rarity to pink options. Blue diamonds are rare and popular. The symbol of a blue diamond is spirituality, chastity, peace, devotion, truth and eternity. A blue diamond gemstone in rings mean safe journey. A brown diamond gemstone signifies stability, order, convention and clarity.


After diamond, the sapphire is the second strongest mineral in the world. It is a kind of corundum with an emotional touch and feeling. Deep velvety blue sapphires are the most sought after in the category. Nevertheless, you can always find sapphires in a gamut of colors except red. The most valuable and sophisticated sapphires emanate from Vietnam, Thailand, India, Burma, and Sri Lanka. A sapphire gemstone represents love, compassion, loyalty as well as constancy, friendship and empathy. It remains a gemstone that signified strength, wisdom, and integrity. While a sapphire gemstone can be used for healing, it also invokes royalty. Sapphire conveys the blue symbolism of confidence and importance.


A ruby remains a blood-red to pink colored gemstone. Ruby is one of the most and popular cardinal gems along with diamond, emerald, sapphire, and amethyst. The element of chromium in ruby helps is to display its colors properly. To determine the quality of ruby, it is important to explore cut, color, carat weight and clarity. This also helps to impact the value of a ruby. The most powerful gem in the world is the ruby. The ruby is associated with several astral symbols. People of ancient times believe that ruby brings peace and contentment. You can easily ward off bad dreams by placing the ruby under your pillow. For protection and receiving the force of life, a ruby ring should be worn on your left hand. The ruby signifies love and friendship when given as a gift. It is also the symbol of royalty and vitality.


The emerald is known as a gemstone that helps to enhance communication skills and bring luck. If something bad will happen, the emerald will alter its color to pale as a sign of warning. If you are born in the month of May, the emerald is the gemstone that directs the process according to astrology. It is also suitable for people who have Taurus and Cancer in their zodiac signs. The emerald symbolizes faith, romance, love, sensitivity and has the strength heal mental complications. In the beryl families, emerald remains the most valuable stone and well-known across the globe. This gemstone has a bright green color that signifies loyalty and harmony.


For several centuries, amethyst remains a costly gem. For the month of February and Pisces, amethyst remains a birthstone. This amazing gemstone is known to support visions and prophecy. It can bring spiritual powers and riches to the owner. Amethyst is associated with religious and civil people who have governed human races and cultures. It is used for healing and magic. It can clean both psychologically and physically. Amethyst can bring stability to the owner and promotes harmony & internal balance. This gemstone can promote confidence, self assurance and raise your spirit.


Topaz comes with a mass of appeal. This great gemstone comes in pink, red, blue, green, honey, brown, yellow and no color at all. The gemstone can sometimes be in a blushing pink orange, yellow and an amber gold. The sherry red or pale pink Topaz remains highly elegant. The Imperial Topaz is the most expensive form of the gemstone. The Imperial Topaz comes with sophisticated pink and orange undertones. Blue Topaz is the most common color that people can always find. Topaz can help to heal and protect receiving its strength from the sun god. People in ancient Rome and Egypt believe that Topaz can be used for enchantment.


Opal is called the Queen of gems in time past. This is because Opal contains all the colors of other gemstones. The uniqueness of each Opal remains amazing. Some people like the bright yellow and red of Opal. The calming flashes of greens and blues captivate the attention of other people. This gemstone can be used for a gamut of occasions due to its rainbow of colors. The broad patterns covering the surface remain the attribute of the best Opal. The most individual gemstone that you can rely on today is simply the Opal.


Tanzanite can only be found beneath the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite has a rich overtone of purple and comes in an exotic velvety blue color. This gemstone comes in striking assortments of blue tones, sizes, and a variety shapes. It has a rare pure blue coloration in its structure and unleashes the primary signature of purple overtone. The lavender color of Tanzanite is more common and display lighter tones.


Onyx comes in branded, brown, reddish and white colors. When the Onyx contains the mixture of lighter reddish, white and reddish brown bands, it is usually called sardonyx. Black Onyx is amazing, classic and elegant. This is simply because the black Onyx will not go out of style. The rich black color of this appealing gemstone can be both contemporary and classic.


Morganite is the gemstone of divine love. It comes with soft colors of peach, clear pink and hot fuchsia and dazzling brilliance. This gem promotes prosperity and love. Morganite remains the favorite for most ladies of all ages. The pink shades of this gem is dominating the fashion sector and capturing more attention to users. Morganite exudes tenderness and charm with the help of its pink color to bright fuchsias and subtle lavenders.